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We are touched and overwhelmed with those of you that have reached out to us via e-mails and letters…one as far away as Adelaide, Australia, just to check in and make sure we are healthy and well!

As much as possible, we remain optimistic and involved in our community.  We are buying gift certificates from the local businesses until they can re-open, and buy take-out meals several times a week!

Social distancing is awkward to say the least…we are, by nature, nurturing and caring individuals as ordained by God.  We all have so many different gifts and talents that we have had to turn inward to care for each other and our families at home.

Howard and I were disappointed that our Caribbean vacation was cancelled for this year.  The stock market was depressing for a time, but we pray for our world and have faith that all is in God’s hands, and under His control.  As we step out in faith each day, we are grateful for all of our blessings.

With the quieter days, we have been productive and able to accomplish many projects around Fernwood Farm, inside and outside.  We are excited for the day that we will again welcome guests to our front door, and provide the best possible B & B experience.  (Ginny looks forward to her time in the kitchen baking and waiting for breakfast menus to appear so she can prep for breakfast the next morning!)

We care for our chickens and honeybees, and look forward to starting a new hive after the loss of one this past February.  You must read our blog on the web-site titled “Mourning Honey”.  You’ll get a sense of how much we love these animals and how hard it was to lose them.  But…there was a sweet result that we have been enjoying and sharing all winter long! We are looking forward to planting the vegetable and herb garden, filling the flowerpots with beautiful blooms, opening the pool and enjoying the warmer months to come.

We’ve been given a heart to adopt older dogs that no one wants from local shelters, which brings us much joy, and heartbreak when we say a final goodbye to our friends with frosted faces.  With the passing of Philip Holstein and our precious old gentleman, Edward the immortal black pug, we wait and watch for our next rescues.

As it always seems to happen for us, (HumaneCNY in Liverpool, NY) posted a Facebook story and photo about Laila, the English bulldog weighing in at a hefty 78 pounds!  We adopted her in January, but waited several weeks to bring her home due to an upcoming surgical procedure for her eyes and the necessary time to heal.  Ask us about her story next time you visit, and her new name is Beatrice! In the meantime, while waiting to bring Beatrice home, we discovered Baby Bella, an 8 1/2 pound, 12-year-old Pomeranian at the same shelter when we visited Beatrice.  That same afternoon she was in the car with us and heading to her new forever home!  Baby Bella and Beatrice join their sisters, Maggie, a black pug, and Lucy the Shih Tzu.

We continue to enjoy our bonfires in either the 18-foot pit or the 12-½ foot pit. With the emergence of spring, the days are longer and the sweet smell of spring is in the air. Puzzles are always a favorite pastime, and our web-site offers daily Sudoku puzzles, with varying degrees of difficulty, that we print out and cheer our individual successes! We are also cleaning out, purging, reading, watching classic movies, gardening, walking, using the treadmill, playing pool, repairing, and my favorite pastime of all….puttering!

However you are spending your days, we are all in this together and my heart is full as we unite as brothers and sisters in Christ and as Americans!

And since we are gearing up to celebrate the holiest of holidays, we wish you all a blessed Easter.

Ginny & Howard

A finished puzzle.

Another bonfire at the 18 footer!

The newest rescues: Beatrice and Baby Bella